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STARTPLATZ Köln, Im Mediapark 5

If you tell me - I will forget, if you show me - I will remember, if you include me -  I will understand



We suggest this dynamic tailor-made training, which will include elements of creativity, innovation and challenge:
What is the strategy of the convincing game? 
How can we play it better in negotiation meetings?
How to discover the tactics of your opponent and improve your negotiation results?
What are some new approaches of how to handle negotiations in digital reality? 
How to use social media to increase your negotiation power -  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, etc. Which social networking platform is best for negotiating?  
What are the 10 Rules of digital negotiations?

The training will be highly interactive and engaging, including business simulations and practical case studies.

Program topics:

  • Negotiations as Strategic Game – positional and principal negotiations
  • Identifying opponent’s profile in negotiations. Reading opponent’s strengths, using his/her weaknesses and fears for reaching the goal of negotiation. Looking for motivational influence buttons.
  • Understanding our own profile - The internal game – how to choose the best negotiating mode of mind
  • Persuasion techniques – techniques for subconscious influencing over opponent. Manipulative strings and how they can be used in negotiation process. Techniques for engagement of the opponent.
  • Emotions management and programming – emotions as an instrument for influence during negotiations. Emotions game – how to use emotions to reach a specific goal during negotiations. Interactive game – the participants will sense how emotions influence decision making and will learn ways for influence through emotions.
  • Four reliable principles for hidden persuasion and practical techniques – Principle of contrast, principle of consistency, principle of social approval, principle of reciprocity
  • Negotiating in the digital world – dangers and advantages.
  • 10 negotiation rules in Digital negotiating.
  • Use social media to increase your negotiation power
  • Tricks and games in negotiations – advanced level – maneuvers and tactics – How to recognize the tricks your opponent is using and counteract.
  • Simulative auction game, including the mastered through the training techniques.
  • Conclusion – golden rules in negotiations and techniques for influencing and persuasion.
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6:00pm 6:00pm

Confidence Academy for Women at Startplatz Köln


This is the first training of a specially designed for Women program, which will help you identify the beliefs, blocks and fears that are holding you back from being confident and influential. 

It will give you the keys to gaining recognition and reward in your work career and life.

You will learn powerful strategies how to overcome your internal hesitation and insecurity and help you be braver, dream larger and achieve more. You will learn how to increase your confidence in meeting people, handling criticism, leading negotiations and smoothing conflicts. You will learn how to speak out and defend your position, how to trust your abilities and follow your goals and dreams.

You will learn how to combine the elegant softness of a woman with the Leadership qualities necessary for a successful career as a manager or entrepreneur.

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6:00pm 6:00pm

Presentation Tricks and Hints

How to make your audience remember you


Presentation skills are so important in our fast world, where people have short time to make good impression – pitches, conferences, unconferences, business meetings… even in your private life you often need to make a quick speech or convince people in your idea.

Taking part in this interactive and intriguing group coaching session will help you boost your presentation skills and become a charismatic speaker.

In this training you will learn and practice well-tested psychological approaches to better influence your audience. You will learn how to “sell” your idea and inspire people to follow you, vote for you , or remember exactly your presentation out of many others.

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6:00pm 6:00pm

Who are you in your team?

Personal profiling used in an innovative way to improve communication


This group coaching session is a demonstration of an interesting and innovative approach to personal and team profiling, which can boost your work results and increase your influence with the people you interact on everyday basis. You will see how people’s perceptions of the world are filtered through the personality profiles. You will be able to better “read” your partners and choose the right messages to motivate them.

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Executive coaching skills and their implementation in business practice and life

Introduction in the Solution-Focused Coaching - to raise self-awareness, inspire personal and management growth and create positive transformation in business and life.

Solution-Focused Business Coaching is an advanced coaching model that integrates the profession of coaching with a highly developed body of personal growth methodologies. Erickson coaching approach combines masterful business coaching with proven Ericksonian principles and unique Solution-Focused techniques.

The course is set in five modules of half day each, one module per week.

Every Wednesday 11.00 to 15.30

It is highly practice-oriented, with individual mentoring of every participant Coaching Certificate will be awarded at the end of the course.

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