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How coaching with Marionela works?

Marionela has a natural ability to inspire people. She helps them make steps that will lead to fundamental changes in attitude, behavior and habit formation.  She is contagiously positive, strongly motivating and she believes in the clients’ inner resources and skills.  She would professionally guide the client to their best solutions.

The coaching method is unique and powerful. It is based on 4 pillars of Erickson Coaching Methodology – it is Solution-Focused, Systematic, Client and Action oriented. The techniques used include positive visualization, constructive goal setting and effective follow through.   A large range of self-reflection tools, self-motivation models and management instruments are also used to support the discovery process of the client.

The over 7 years of International Management Coaching and 10 years in HR management and people development are a good ground her better understanding of the client business and life challenges. 

Marionela works via skype, face-to-face or in the corporate offices of the client. The coaching sessions are 60 min, or 90 min. 

There are options for coaching packages and discounts . 

Management training normally are one or two day events. Could be organised in the premises of the client or externally.



Lecturer at  Cologne Business School. European University of Applied Sciences

I help people see better and  want more. More clarity and focus in their life, more value and better results in their business. What I love about result-oriented systemic coaching is  that people REALLY make a change.   

Together we  develop  dream or business idea, improve team performance, or just replace the permanent worry with joy of life.  

I will listen with attention, understanding and objectivity what is important for you and what you want to have or achieve.  This is time for you - a present that you deserve. You are important!

I know that change is never easy, but also that nothing is as complicated as it looks before you have started.

I am a person of integrity, honesty and hard work. I coach with passion, positive energy and trust. 

My Motto: People are AMAZING !



Individual Personal Change Coaching

If you feel it is time for you to make a positive, powerful change in your life – end something old, start something new, improve an area, or a habit, change management coaching will help  you find strength and find ways. It is about finding what is important for you, building self-confidence and finding emotional balance, aligning your life with your personal values and goals.

Individual Executive/business Coaching

The individual coaching sessions address the specific needs and problems of a manager.

Whether you are newly appointed manager, or you have some challenges in an old team, or you just want to achieve more – executive coaching can lead you to quick and stable results. It is a great instrument to support the key people in your team in their Leadership development.

Team Change Management Programs

with TeamTime International

Unique combination of team coaching sessions followed by individual sessions with each manager, focusing on their specific areas of leadership development. Team Coaching sessions help teams bridge the gap to their next level of success. Coaching leads teams to improved communication, shared  vision, common team values and  agreed strategic goals.

Team Coaching Sessions inspire teams to optimize the way the work and improve performance!

Leadership Trainings

with TeamTime International

Leadership trainings – a wide range of topics improving the people management competency set. Motivation, Communication, Teamwork, Time management, Presentation skill, Conflict management, Emotional intelligence, e-mail etiquette etc.



I promise that you will go out of every session full of positive energy, inspiring ideas, hope and desire for action.

I promise to help you keep focus on what is most important to you.

I promise to be understanding and not judgmental for anything you are sharing.

I promise to be confidential and careful listening partner.

I promise to trust in your abilities even more than you trust yourself!



Personal change coaching

If a professional, or even just a person, who needs to overbuild his communication capacity and strategic view to reach success, require improvement of his own presentation and motivation tools and of course would like to load a power how to meet the inevitable life change, can rely on a superior skills of Marionela as coach and trainer. She is a positive person with ability to inspire and move people forward, an intelligent mentor, who possesses the quality easy to develop and improve weak points of the coachee to a fantastic outcome.
I strongly recommend her as a trustful partner who is able to bring value to different organizations and personalities with his very good understanding of personal and corporate needs, flexible solutions and high human culture.
— Salvatore B, Sales Manager - Italy
My experience of communicating with Marionela was enriching, uplifting, eye- opening. I reached out to her when I was going through tough times and talking to her gave me strength, courage, hope that there could be light at the end of the tunnel. The literature I read (recommended by her) gave me explanations/answers to many questions that had been unanswered previously. But most importantly those conversations opened horizons, she lead me to discover depths I never knew existed! I will forever be greatful! A true professional!
— Marie N, London Great Britain
Marionela is a great professional - she listens carefully and is able to understand what is being said regardless of how confusing or jumbled it is in your head – and then she asks the questions that you may not have thought to ask yourself, or you may have avoided. It’s very different from the type of conversation you may have with a friend.
I am beyond grateful for Marionela’s guidance and the positive difference she was able to make in my life in a really short time.
— Teodora R, Moskow, Russia
Marionela is a wonderful coach . She is a person of wisdom, compassion and honest understanding. Her business experience and influencing skills and techniques guarnatee you meet your goals. Marionela made me keep focus on my personal and professional goals and commits to achieving what I long time needed. My management career became better, my whole life became better. An excellent professional with very good understanding of the changing needs of the organization. She would always demonstrate flexible approach and creative solutions, aligned with the company administrative procedures and internal culture. I would highly recommend her, as she’ would be a valuable supporter and people development partner.
— Nikol B, Köln, Germany
Marionela is a high professional coach who works with passion and devotion. She always listens carefully and gives one enough time to speak out one’a heart. Her techniques and questions helped me to find answers to some problems I have been struggling to in last months. Moreover Marionela’s supportive manner during coaching sessions calmed my mind and helped to concentrate one the problem solution.
And what the most important, she has given me a first view into the coaching’s world. I liked it so much that I decided to make it to my own profession in the future.
— Alicia B, Ucraine

Executive/business coaching

“Frau Marionela Bojkova hat unser Erwartungen mehr als erfüllt. ... Dies lag nicht zuletzt daran, dass Frau Bojkova:
• die Programme sehr weitgehend auf die spezifischen Gegebenheiten in unserem Unternehmen ausgerichtet und quasi “maßgeschneidert” hat,
• und sich aufgrund eines sehr breiten Erfahrungswissens und sehr guten Einfühlungsvermögens sehr konkret auf die praktischen Problemlagen wie auch persönlichen Befindlichkeiten der Teilnehmer einstellen konnte.
In dieser Zusammenarbeit habe ich die Fachkompetenz von Frau Marionela Bojkova ebenso schätzen gelernt wie ihr persönliches Engagement. Wir selbst werden mit Frau Bojkova weiter zusammenarbeiten und ich kann sie mit bestem Gewissen weiterempfehlen.
— Dr. Achim Bayerl, General Manager and Owner , German fasion companz, Russe
Vor allem die positiven Veränderungen im Team waren und sind immer noch sehr deutlich erkennbar. Dies wurden auch von den Teilnehmern als sehr wertvoll und hilfreich – sowohl für den beruflichen als auch privaten Alltag – bewertet. Auch die zeitliche und inhaltliche Verzahnung der Seminare wurde von allen Teilnehmern sehr begrüßt. Führungskräfte und Manager nutzen derzeit undereinander die vermittelten Inhalte. Insgesamt betrachtet war die Veranstaltungsmaßnahmen ein voller Erfolg, der sich sicher auch auf unsere geschäftliche Entwicklung positiv auswirken wird.
— Rudolf Willig, Geschäftsführer at EON IS
Unsere Firma schätzt Ihre strukturierte, zielorientierte Arbeit ebenso wie Ihre klare analytische Herangehensweise sehr. Von unseren, in höchstem Maße zufriedenen Teilnehmern wird besonders hervorgehoben, dass Sie in ihrem Coaching fokussiert auf ihre individuellen Bedürfnisse eingehen. Die Ergebnisse der Coachings zeigten sich schnell in der täglichen Arbeit in höchstem Maße positiv.
Wir schätzen Sie sehr in ihrer starken persönlichen Wirkung als auch professionellen Kompetenz. Ohne jede Einschränkung möchten wir Sie auf der Basis unserer gemeinsamen, für unser Unternehmen äußerst positiven Zusammenarbeit als Executive Coach voll und ganz empfehlen
— Dr. Klaus-Christian Werner, Head of Branch at Regiocom GmbH
Marionela is an excellent coach. She is very insightful due to her experience of working with many successful executives and she is an excellent sounding board for a variety of corporate and management issues. I would gladly recommend her to other executives that are seeking to accelerate their growth but at the same time remain true to their ideas.
— Blagovest Nachev, General Manager at Veolia Energy, Bulgaria
Ms. Bojkova is dependable, reliable, hard-working, conscientious and honest. She is a very positive person, meets every challenge with the necessary responsibility and enthusiasm and completes it in the shortest time. Marionela is excellently organized and coordinates the performance of her team in an excellent manner.
She manages to establish excellent relations with all people – from the simple worker to the top manager. I strongly recommend her.
The management considers Ms, Marionela Bojkova an experienced and loyal partner and we will be very happy to continue our cooperation in the future.
— Daniela Tsankova, Administration Manager at A.L. Filter
As a Coach and Trainer Marionela is positive, supportive and inspiring. She would softly, yet firmly lead the Coachee to self-reflection, behavior awareness and positive development.
I believe that she is an excellent professional with very good understanding of the changing needs of the organization. She would always demonstrate flexible approach and creative solutions, aligned with the company administrative procedures and internal culture. I would highly recommend her, as she’ would be a valuable supporter and people development partner.
— Maya Atanasova, Human Resource Director at Heidelberg Cement Group Bulgaria and Greece