Individual clients

Personal change coaching

If you feel it is time for you to make a positive, powerful change in your life – end something old, start something new, improve an area, or a habit, coaching is how you can find strength and find ways. It is all about bringing positive energy and increasing personal potential. It is about finding happiness and discovering new opportunities, building healthy relationships. It is about finding what is important for you, building self-confidence and finding emotional balance, aligning your life with your personal values and goals.


Executive/business coaching

The individual coaching sessions address the specific needs and problems of a manager. By suggesting questions to answer, steps to take and new ways and approaches the coach helps you improve your management performance.  The learning process includes self-critical examination, taking risks and reaching goals. The coach is an objective sounding board and listening partner in your process of business growth. Whether you are newly appointed manager, or you have some challenges in an old team, or you just want to achieve more – coaching can lead you to quick and stable results.


Team change management

with TeamTime International

Programs are specially designed to improve team cohesion, trust, efficient communication and cooperation.   They are a unique combination of team coaching sessions  followed by individual sessions with each manager, focusing on their specific areas of development. Team Coaching sessions help teams bridge the gap to their next level of success. Coaching gives teams the opportunity to strengthen specific interpersonal, communication, leadership skills, build team cohesion and enhance result orientation. Team Coaching Sessions inspire teams to change fast!


Leadership Programs

with TeamTime International

Leadership programs are specially designed for improving team cohesion, trust, efficient communication and cooperation. They guarantee a sustainable change in the working behavior by inspiring and engaging the key-people in the company in their own personal development.  Through the leadership programs they find ways to achieve growth in results and improve the competitiveness of the company.


Woman success academy

With her personal, warm approach Marionela will help you re-discover your values and align your strategy for success with what is important for you as a woman.  Her questions will inspire and motivate you to find power, balance and self-confidence.

Personal change coaching :

  • Start the project of your dreams (business, travel, personal change)
  • Discover your internal woman power and self-confidence;
  • Overcome fears and turn them into strengths;
  • Find your emotional balance and motivation
  • Learn to believe in your abilities and to ask for what you need.
  • Learn to influence and to lead, so that people around you follow
  • Become confident at what you want
  • Become confident in the workplace
  • Speak with confidence before critical audiences and people

Executive/business coaching:

Being a successful woman entrepreneur herself,  Marionela can support you in finding your own formula of confidence and high impact in business environment. How to be independent or  how to play the corporate game,  how to plan and develop your small business or your big corporate career. How to be brave and resilient in difficult business situations.