The man, who needs a change, to find more purpose and motivation.

I was 37 and I had it all - good job, money, success...and yet something was missing. I was not where I wanted to be. My life was so monotonous and purposeless. That is what we focused on for a few months with Marionela - how to bring back the excitement in my life. I have re-discovered my personal values, my potential and my purpose. I have defined what is important for ME to live a complete life, to be authentic and happy. I have found my sources of self-motivation and creative energy. Now I have changed. I started a new life trip full of excitement and meaning. I have found my true way, my mission.

The young entrepreneur who set up his own successful business

It is very difficult to be a young entrepreneur in a market full of challenges and powerful competition. Coaching with Marionela helped me go beyond my limits, stop procrastinating the creation of my own business and empowered me to take actions that changed my reality. She inspired me to make the first steps and now my business is growing more and more.

The Executive whose team is more productive and united than ever

I had a serious issue in the team I managed. The team members were not productive, not doing their job well and there were conflicts between them. They were working like separate units not in synergy. Marionela helped me develop my leadership qualities, find my internal ability to inspire people and be a role model for them. Now the results in my team are two times higher than before and people function as a whole unit.

The excellent professional woman , who needs confidence to ask for more in her  career and defend her point of view 

Before meeting Marionela I used to blame myself for everything and not trust my abilities. I would try to please everybody and make them happy, ignoring my own needs.  Not only would I accept all criticism as true story and feel like failure, but also be even more critical to myself than all others.

I WAS NEVER ENOUGH – enough professional, enough organized, enough convincing. I would do the job of my colleagues and work twice as hard without recognition.  I used to be afraid to ask for more – more time, more money or more positive feedback. I was afraid to be myself, as I expected people will not like me!


Now when my efforts are not acknowledged by my manager I know how to address that.  When he underestimates me, or questions my abilities I no longer suffer, but I know  how to handle this. When I am criticized I know how to not take it personal.  If he sees the problems only not the accomplishments – Ok I have the power to dissociate and professionally and confidently talk about the issues.  I don’t take it personal.

Now I believe stronger that I can speak out loud and it will lead to positive result. Now my internal voice tells me that I am a good person the way I am. I know that I can be convincing and successful.

I am my own friend.